Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summer Swimsuit

Hi everyone.  It's Project Run and Play time again and this month's pattern is this sweet little shirt by Melanie at The Crafty Cupboard.    I really enjoy these challenges as they almost always stretch me to do something challenging in sewing, especially in the area of adapting patterns.

I have had on my list of sewing challenges to conquer, sewing swimwear.  I was scared of that stretchy, slippery stuff they're made of and so it has been put off.  However, my last trip to the pool convinced me that my frumpy "thing I wear which I will not show you"  needs to go.  As I have looked for a modest and attractive option, I really want to make my own.  I am scared out of my mind and probably won't do it, but I want to.  I want to in the same way which I want to sleep outside with a cougar screaming in the background.  It would be a thrilling adventure. . .

Anyway, the first step is to conquer my fear of the fabric.  For me the best way to do this is to sew for my baby girl.  She is my official sewing guinea pig.  She can actually almost get a swimsuit out of a thrifted one piece.  Sewing for her is so much more fun than sewing for me.  Plus, she needed a swimsuit.
Goodwill find about to be cut into.

Drawing the pattern was easier than I expected.  I just traced a onesie, and used the Chevron shirt pattern to draw in the details.  Cutting the pieces out of the thrifted suit was tricky.  There simply wasn't enough for the black base layer.  Fortunately I found a piece of four way stretch Lycra in my stash and was able to save the black base layer of the adult suit for my fully lined bodice. 

I made the sleeves shorter and rufflier.  I put a tie in the back instead of buttons.  I bound the leg holes with the skirt fabric.  I really love how it turned out.  

Sewing with the fabric was much easier than I expected.  Maybe it was the awful thin jersey knit that I made the muslin out of.  Anything is better than that stuff I guess.   Am I the only one who finds quality swimsuit knit easier to work with than low quality jersey?  Maybe the key word is quality. Incidentally , if the lady who cuts your fabric says "Bless your heart*, honey" about your fabric, that might be a hint.  Janalin is still learning to value quality over cheap price, but learning I am.  

Anyway, I like sewing with this stuff!  I will definitely be making her more swimwear.  As for a swimsuit for me,  I don't know.  Has anyone tried it?

*Bless your heart is southern shorthand for "I like to think I'm too nice to tell you, but you're doing something stupid."


  1. Great recycle project. I agree that it is hard to find quality swimwear fabric, and the recycled suit was the perfect idea! It looks darling on your daughter.
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give

  2. Super, super cute! I've never sewn a swimsuit...and probably never will; I'm just not that adventurous! Blessings to you!

  3. This is really adorable and great recycling!

  4. How cute! And fantastic job on up-cycling!

  5. Very clever!! Swimwear scares me.....but I have some fabric ready to go!!

  6. She looks great! You made the perfect fit.

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words. I love this little suit. :)