Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Past and the Present

I know, it's another poem. . . that's the only way to do this thought justice.

The Past and the Present met on the road today,
And I shuddered to hear the words they did say!
The Past had no strength to move, bend, or change,
But oh, he had strength the present to arrange!

And the Future seems to shudder through the misty clouded veil,
As though afraid that like Past she must also fail,
But she cannot be seen and who knows whether she smiles
At tomorrow’s joys or bears it’s trials. 

The Present quavered and the Future shook,
As the unmoving Past, my way overtook,
Then Grace appeared and forgave my Past,
Though the consequences still their shadow cast,
But the present though shaken seems to break free,
Bearing consequences cheerfully,
And leaves the Past bond by new chains,
And free and joyous victory gains,
And smiles through the rain of sorrow,
 And looks with new hope towards tomorrow.

The cross came between Past and Present today,
And tomorrow sleeps sweetly, hidden away,
Through mists of mystery, and curtains of trust,
For God is merciful as He is just. 

I am thankful for grace, that yesterday's chain's need not bind, burn, or bruise.  I am thankful for my Savior, my eternal Friend and Lover, and the bright hope I have for a future with Him.