Wednesday, July 10, 2013

30 Years Later

Dear Mom and Dad,
July 10, 1983 Chewelah, Washington.  I wasn’t there, but I am sure it was a bit like my wedding a year ago.  Lot’s of friends, lot’s of pictures, lot’s of details.  Hopes, dreams, plans, promises meant to be kept.

Many things have changed in the last thirty years.  You have bought and sold houses, moved from the northwest to (gasp) Arkansas, started careers and changed to different ones, changed to a total vegetarian lifestyle, and changed from a computer that only displayed blinking green text, to graphic designing on flat screen.   You have watched your family grow from just the two of you and a couple cats, to one baby girl and then two.  You watched those little girls grow and shaped and molded their little lives.  You homeschooled them, taught them to read and then tried to get them to stop reading long enough to get the dishes done.  You watched them become adolescents, then busy college students, and finally teachers.  You welcomed a new son-in-law.  You held a new baby boy.  There have been lots of changes, but the friendship you committed to thirty years ago is still there stronger than ever. 

 To Beth and I your marriage has been a granted, something we never considered not being there.  Not everyone can say that to their parents.  So, although I haven’t said it enough over the years I want to say that I have always appreciated the security of the home and family you created for us.  I thank you for the sacrifices you made to make us what we are.  Thank-you for not giving up.  Praise the Lord!
I wish we could all be together today. Love you both!

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